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Another Project of eTech Oman

Seven Host company is another successful project of eTech, which is based in Iran.

A Little About Seven Host

Seven Host was established on 2007 by name of Artaweb in order to provide a variety of IT solutions, across Iran in criteria of Web Hosting and Domain registration with more than 4K customers. It has recently rebranded to 7host in order to provide more relevant services in Web Hosting Industry.

Just like our other branch of eTech company in Iran, Seven Host is another successful project which consists 14 professional manpower (and growing) in order to provide unique and unbeatable Web Hosting Services in Iran. Our main aim in the first place is to make the internet a better and safer place.

Due to high demand in Web Hosting services, Seven Host has a unique strategy to provide these services with lowest prices in the market while the quality of the provided products and services are fairly higher than the existing competitors in the country.

Seven Host is committed to helping small start-ups in Iran!

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Feel free to call us on

(968) 2488 1278

Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm

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Drop us a line anytime at
info [at],
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Come visit us at
Al Amerat, Way #1294
Building #7865, eTech Oman

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