Keeping the Beaches Clean in Oman

There is no doubt that Oman is home to a large variety of beach locations. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming for tourists to choose a particular destination, but there is another problem that the coastal territory of Oman faces, and that is pollution in all areas. Mainly at beaches in Muscat.     

Keeping our beaches clean is essential for our ecosystem and also for the general appearance of our coastal areas. In this article, we are going to give some useful tips to help keep beaches clean in Oman.

Avoid bringing any plastic to the beach

The first thing to do when you go to the beach is to know what kind of things to bring. Avoid plastic bags and make sure that you dispose of soda plastic rings and dirty beach omanany kind of plastic material you bring with you.

Prioritize cleaning the most dangerous trash

We know that the idea of being able to clean up every single thing that people throw away at the beach is nearly impossible, but you can contribute by picking up and safely disposing of the most dangerous trash you find. Plastic bottles are probably at the top of the list. Any kind of plastic bag is also going to be a serious hazard for marine life.

Dispose of your cigarette leftovers

The cigarette butt is probably one of the most common and damaging pollutants that can be thrown into a beach ecosystem. There are usually a few smokers in most groups of people, so if you or anyone else is smoking, you could fill a small bowl with sand and have people bury their cigarette butts in it. Then you can safely dispose of all of them.

Play the can collection game

You can play a game with your friends or family to see who is able to collect the largest number of cans while you are at the beach. This is a great way to get children involved too, but first, teach them not to pick up any sharp objects and only pick up cans safely.

clean beaches in Oman

Bring reusable water bottles with you

Why bring disposable water bottles to the beach? It might seem more convenient to you to leave the trash there and come back home without having to carry anything, but the beaches are quickly polluted due to this way of thinking. Carrying a few reusable water bottles back home is not going to be much of an inconvenience and you know it.

Join eTech for Cleaning Beaches in Oman

Did you know that you can join us for cleaning beaches in Oman? We run events for cleaning beaches every few weeks. Feel free to contact us here if you would like to join our group.

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